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6 Foods You Should Not Eat For Breakfast

For some people, starting their day with breakfast is a proven recipe for having a good day. Breakfast provides the body with vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients required to feel vibrant. However, there are some foods you should totally stay clear of if you really want to start off your day the right way.

Jumia Food discusses some of these foods.

Flavoured yoghurt
Flavoured yoghurt contains sugar and sweeteners. In fact, these yoghurts can have more sugar than your regular soft drink. Taking flavoured yoghurt can shoot up your cravings for sweet items much later in the day.

How To Build A Truly Good Life Worth Living

Since it is crucial that we provide for our families it is also crucial for us to determine how we view our current job or career. From my vantage point I’ve found there are three primary views most people have with respect to their employment from the world’s perspective.

Consider the following:

Many people see a job as the way to provide for their families and/or personal needs. They live from paycheck to paycheck never fully understanding God has a better and more fulling design for their lives. Studies show more than 80% of employees live their lives working in a job that provides limited satisfaction and little sense of value. If you find yourself in this place too, God desires more for you.