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OMG!! See The Items Found Inside The Belly Of A Slaughtered Ram In Kano

A local butcher in Kano who goes by the name AIbrahim Mai Kwankwasiyya discovered a shocking odd item in the belly of a sIaughtered ram at his workplace.

He took to his Facebook page yesterday to share the astonishing items found in the slaughtered animal belly.

Translated from Hausa, the content of items discovered includes:

Two spoons; ten umbrella head nails; two medium sized radio batteries; one traditional barber’s blade; fourteen car bolts; five pairs of keys; an average nail sized iron rod and one marker pen.

Pastor D0nates His 0wn K!dney To Save Church Member

A Christian man who had been praying for relief from end stage renal disease since 2015 recently got a life-saving answer from his pastor who turned out to be a matching kidney donor after God told him to give his ailing congregant one of his own organs.

End stage renal disease is the final stage of chronic kidney disease where the kidneys of those afflicted don’t work well enough for them to live without dialysis or a kidney transplant.

In a narrative on fundraising website GoFundMe, Jesse Cerecerez, a longtime member of Holy Ground Baptist Church in Cameron, Texas, explained how his life changed after he was diagnosed with kidney disease.

Evans Vanishes As 30 Armed Men Take Him Away From Lagos At Midnight [Read Story]


After weeks of public furore and media frenzy, a sudden blackout has descended on the case of Chukwuduneme Onwuamadike a.k.a. Evans, Nigeria’s infamous billionaire kidnapper, thus fuelling speculations that he’s escaped, or dead.

Saturday Sun has however gathered that Evans is not dead as his family now fears but has been moved from the Lagos police command headquarters cell by about 30 heavily armed men at midnight few days ago to an undisclosed destination. Some senior police officers in the know told Saturday Sun he was moved to Abuja