Governor Fayose & His Wife, 28 Years Later… how they started, where they are today

Ayo Fayose and his wife have been married for 28 years. Do you know he was once a taxi driver? But today he is the governor of a state and one of the most popular politician around. #life

Why are marriages failing today? It is mostly about $ex and money…Some guys are claiming to be in love but what they are looking for is to sIeep with a lady who has some features they are looking for and the ladies too are claiming love but are just looking for men who will spend money for them the way they are seeing on social media. And you think that marriage will last? The answer is; SORRY.

Learn to live right and build a good life. You will enjoy, even much more.

Happy 28th wedding anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Fayose!

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