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Are You the 2nd Child in Your Family? This New Study Says You’re Likely to be a…… [See Details]

A new study has shown that people who are the second-born in their families are more likely to be troublesome later on.

The study has proved that a child who is the second-born in the family is more likely to be a troublemaker, which may make him a criminal in the long run.
Second-born sons are more likely to be suspended from school, become juvenile delinquents and go to prison, according to the new study by MIT economist, Joseph Doyle.

Nigerian Rapper, Phyno Says He Won’t Be Exchanging Words With Ray Hushpuppi Again And Here Is Why!!

Top rapper, Phyno, was in the news some weeks ago when an internet personality, Ray HushPuppi accused him and Iceprince of wearing fake wrist-watches. HushPuppi had written,

“If you don’t want people to patronise pirated copy (sic) of your work, don’t patronise pirated copy of other people’s work #Hypocrites.”

Having none of that, Phyno took to his Snapchat account to reply.

In a series of posts, he wrote,

Peter Okoye Replies APC’s Call for His Arrest Over Comment On Ban Of Shooting of Videos Abroad!

Peter Okoye has lashed out at those calling for his arrest over his comment as he called them mad and foolish people.

Peter and Paul Okoye face off with Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed
Peter Okoye of Psquare group has reacted to recent calls for his arrest made by the APC Youth Renaissance group.
Peter had criticized the government following reports that the Federal Government of Nigeria is planning to ban the shooting of videos and films abroad.